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Brazilian capital markets have continued to grow dramatically, and are now ranked sixth in the world with more than US $900 billion in assets under management (AUM).  As volumes continue to increase, it’s critical you have solutions in place to enable the utmost efficiency in your business.  Inefficiencies in post-trade confirmation slow down settlement and increase both risk and cost.  Post-trade automation and standardization are therefore essential to gain efficiency and lower your overall risk profile.  

Omgeo Central Trade ManagerSM (Omgeo CTM) is the global standard for post-trade matching of cross border and domestic equity, fixed income and exchange traded derivative transactions.  The largest global market participants view central matching with Omgeo CTM as the most efficient way to streamline trade flows and achieve higher levels of automation.   And when used in conjunction with Omgeo ALERTSM, our global database for the maintenance and communication of settlement and account instructions (SSI), you ensure that the most accurate SSIs are included on your trade to reduce the risk of fails and further streamline post-trade processing.

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Demo, Omgeo CTM, Our Central Matching Platform for Non-US Domestic & Cross Border Trading


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Spacer Key Benefits
  • Reduce risk, cost and end of day time pressures by using one central solution to send or receive allocations in a standardized, automated format and centrally match/confirm trades
  • Decrease chance of failed trades by automatically enriching trades with SSIs via Omgeo ALERT
  • Access a vast, international client community already using Omgeo CTM– over 1,100 sell-side / just under 1000 buy-side clients utilizing Omgeo post-trade solutions today
  • Quickly and efficiently resolve exceptions through the Omgeo CTM user interface

Key Features
  • Centralized system for communicating electronically amongst all market participants, globally and locally
  • Real-time settlement instruction enrichment (including CBLC and CVM numbers), and automated settlement notification messaging to custodians, settlement agents, and interested third parties
  • Reject, amend and cancel trades, view trade statuses, and amend and cancel settlement instructions all via a secure Internet connection
  • Access to Omgeo CTM via all major vendor partners
  • Online historical trade audit trail enables your compliance with various regulatory requirements