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Manual, error prone processes in any market can lead to increased risk of failed trades and higher costs.  In fact, failed trades put upwards of USD $970 billion in equity transactions and USD $300 billion in fixed income trades at risk globally each year.   A key obstacle hindering trade settlement is inadequacy in the trade ‘matching’ process – many participants still rely on manual processes to communicate trade details and compare confirmation messages for international transactions which can not only be onerous and time consuming, but risky as well.  

Omgeo and the Chilean central depository, Depósito Central de Valores, S.A. (DCV), now offer a joint trade matching service to increase straight-through processing (STP) and reduce risk of trade failure.  The solution offers seamless connectivity between Omgeo Central Trade ManagerSM (Omgeo CTM) and DCV, providing a streamlined trade confirmation and reporting process with foreign investors.  The result? Increased efficiency and decreased operational risk and costs.

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Spacer Key Benefits
  • Better service your global investment manager clients via streamlined access to the automated central matching of Omgeo CTM
  • Reduce settlement risk and cost by eliminating errors that come with manual and verbal communications
  • Decrease risk of trade failure by automatically enriching trades via Omgeo ALERT
  • Access a vast, international client community already using Omgeo CTM – over 1,100 sell-side/just under 1,000 buy-side clients utilizing Omgeo post-trade solutions today

Key Features
  • Direct connection service between the DCV’s web portal and Omgeo CTM
  • Leverage your existing connection to the DCV and obtain local language support
  • Trade matching / confirmation across asset classes – equity, fixed income and exchange traded derivatives
  • Access to Omgeo ALERT for SSI enrichment (including RUT number) to provide local custodians with the information they need to settle