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Omgeo Central Trade Manager (Omgeo CTM) is our strategic platform for the central matching of cross-border and domestic transactions automating the trade confirmation process across multiple asset classes.

Learn more about the asset classes supported by Omgeo CTM:
Equities | Fixed Income | Repurchase Agreements (Repos) |
Exchange Traded Derivatives | Equity Swaps

T+2 Settlement Cycles  
Webinar: The Latest on T+2 settlement Cycles (June 2015) | 
T+2 Survey 2015 Results

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Repos | Equity Swaps | SSI Enrichment |
Omgeo CTM Demo | Omgeo CTM Demo in Chinese
    Demo, Omgeo CTM, Our Central Matching Platform for Non-US Domestic & Cross Border Trading
Watch the video about how to enrich your trades with up-to-date SSIs

Automatically enrich your trades in Omgeo CTM with accurate account and standing settlement instructions (SSIs) from Omgeo ALERT, the industry’s largest and most compliant global database for the maintenance and communication of SSIs.

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Asset Classes
Derivatives, Equities, Fixed Income, Repos, Swaps
Learn about the asset classes that
Omgeo CTM currently supports.
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Omgeo was recognized as Best Exceptions and Reconciliations Management Platform Provider
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  • Improve your SDA rates which are consistently above 94% on T and 98% on T+1
  • Realize a quick and clear return on your investment by utilizing one of our many flexible implementation options and selecting flexible, secure connectivity methods, including leased lines, private network connections, and the internet
  • Increase your productivity and reduce trade fails with follow the sun processing capabilities plus enhanced ability to achieve same or next-day settlement for cross-border and non-US domestic trades
  • Utilize end-to-end automation via a single platform, thereby, reducing the processing steps and maintenance costs of multiple applications
  • Simplified exception only processing allows you to only worry about the small instances of mismatched trade and instantly lets you modify and repair those exceptions to facilitate matching

Key Features

  • Omgeo ALERT enrichment available on the contract – not just on the block, and re-enrichment on amends
  • Customizable matching profiles that identify mandatory and optional fields eligible for matching and allow tolerances to be set
  • View and reject blocks alleged against you and reject mismatched blocks and contracts
  • Bilateral cancellation after trade is Match Agreed can be initiated by either party and accepted or rejected by the counterparty
  • Automated settlement notification via SWIFT or CSV, including third parties
  • Adherence to industry messaging standards (SWIFT MT54x, ISITC, etc.)
  • Direct, FIX or Message Translation Interfaces available
  • A robust browser-based user interface (UI) enables you to instantly modify and repair trade exceptions to facilitate matching
  • Links to the Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS) for submission of matched trades for settlement

Optional Services

  • Omgeo CTM Settlement Notification
    Settlement Notification is an optional module that can be used by investment managers as part of the Omgeo CTM service enabling them to send notifications to custodians, for settlement, and also up to 15 interested parties.
  • Omgeo Benchmarks
    Provides clients with the tools to monitor and analyze their operational performance against industry standards, as well as counterparty timeliness and performance, while enabling them to leverage their existing investment in post-trade management solutions. Subscribers to Omgeo Benchmarks will either need to be using Omgeo OASYS or Omgeo CTM.
  • Omgeo ALERT
    When Omgeo CTM is used in conjunction with ALERT, the industry’s largest and most compliant web-based global database for the maintenance and communication of standing settlement and account instructions (SSI), clients can automatically append instructions to trades, ensuring all account information is accurate.