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All Omgeo CTM Users
How to Resolve Mismatched Trades +
How to Handle Rejects +
How to Amend a Trade +
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All Omgeo CTM Users
  Omgeo CTM Equity Swap Tutorial
Learn how hedge funds, executing brokers and prime brokers can use the tri-party workflow to match equity swap transactions.
21 minutes
  Place of Settlement (PSET) Matching in Omgeo CTM
Learn how matching on PSET following best practice guidelines may help you to reduce your settlement exception scenarios.
51 minutes
  Introducing Omgeo CTM Copy For Information (CFI)
Learn how to easily send copies of equity and debt trades to third parties via Omgeo CTM’s Copy For Information functionality.
12 minutes
  Manage Repurchase Agreements on Omgeo CTM
Learn how to process open and term repurchase agreements on Omgeo CTM.
10 minutes
  At a Glance: Omgeo Central Trade Manager
Learn how with Omgeo CTM, you can reduce risk and drive efficiency with central matching and exception processing.
15 minutes
  Maximizing Your Use of the Omgeo CTM Trade Blotter
Learn to easily locate trade information, customize Blotter views, and understand how Omgeo CTM and Omgeo ALERT work together.
34 minutes

  Quick Entry for Trade Input
Learn to save time by using default settings, copy functionality and proration.
24 minutes
  Allocation/Confirmation Workflow - How to Manually Input Trades
14 minutes

Investment Managers
  Omgeo CTM Dashboard Tutorial
Learn to set up and maintain Matching Profiles and Broker Matching Groups.
26 minutes
  Omgeo CTM - Settlement Notification
See how you can use Omgeo CTM Settlement Notification to send SWIFT or CSVs to custodians or third parties.
54 minutes

Training in French, Italian or Japanese
  既にOmgeo CTM Brokerをご利用頂いている方及び今後移行される方を対象としたセッションです。
71 minutes
  Omgeo Central Trade Manager per i Broker – Introduzione all’interfaccia manuale
Con questa formazione imparate a navigare l’interfaccia Omgeo CTM, creare i blocchi e le conferme ed elaborare le eccezioni. Raccomandata per tutti i nuovi utenti di Omgeo CTM.
42 minutes
  Omgeo Central Trade Manager pour les Brokers/Dealers – Introduction à l’interface manuelle
Cette vidéo vous montre comment naviguer l’interface Omgeo CTM, saisir les blocks et les confirmations et traiter les exceptions.
64 minutes