Omgeo Partner Learning

High levels of mutual customer satisfaction are very important to us and to that end we have developed this partner-specific learning page tailored for partner use.  Below you will find links to information you need to service and support clients connecting to Omgeo CTM, Omgeo OASYS and OASYS-TradeMatch and Omgeo ALERT.

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User Instructional Videos

Omgeo CTM 
How to Resolve Mismatched Trades +
How to Handle Rejects +
How to Amend a Trade +

Omgeo TradeSuite ID
How to Navigate Confirm/Affirm +
How to Process Confirms in Confirm/Affirm +
How to Navigate Omgeo TradeSuite ID Web NearMatch +
How to Manage Trades in Nearmatch +

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  An Introduction to Omgeo Services
Learn about Omgeo ALERT, Omgeo CTM and Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch, how they link together and how these are used by our mutual clients.
6 minutes
  Omgeo CTM Vs Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch
Learn about the differences between Omgeo CTM and Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch and when each product is used.
4 minutes
Omgeo CTM
  At a Glance: Omgeo Central Trade Manager
Learn how with Omgeo CTM our mutual clients can reduce risk and drive efficiency with central matching and exception processing.
15 minutes
  What is Omgeo CTM
Learn the basics about Omgeo CTM and what it offers our mutual clients.
8 minutes
  Omgeo CTM Connectivity
Learn about the different options available to connect to Omgeo CTM and manage matching exceptions.
4 minutes
  Step-By-Step Block Workflow
Learn about the block workflow, the most commonly-used workflow in Omgeo CTM.
4 minutes
  How Matching Profiles Are Used
Learn about the role of matching profiles in the Omgeo CTM matching process.
8 minutes
  User Interface Demonstration
See a demonstration of the Omgeo CTM User Interface, the customizable UI available to all Omgeo CTM users for the management of their matching exceptions.
10 minutes
  Omgeo CTM Future Releases
Learn about the future release plan for Omgeo CTM (as of summer 2014).
3 minutes
  Maximizing Your Use of the Omgeo CTM Trade Blotter
Learn to easily locate trade information, customize Blotter views, and understand how Omgeo CTM and Omgeo ALERT work together.
34 minutes
  Omgeo CTM Dashboard Tutorial
See how investment managers use the Omgeo CTM Dashboard to set up and maintain Matching Profiles and Broker Matching Groups.
25 minutes

  Why Use Omgeo ALERT
Understand the benefits to our mutual clients of using Omgeo ALERT.
4 minutes
  How Enrichment Works
Learn how settlement and account data can be enriched from Omgeo ALERT to confirmations sent through Omgeo’s transaction services, Omgeo CTM and Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch.
7 minutes
  User Interface Demonstration
See how our mutual clients, both brokers and investment managers, use Omgeo ALERT to maintain and access SSI information.
16 minutes
  Omgeo ALERT Future Releases
Learn about the future release plan for Omgeo ALERT (as of summer 2014).
7 minutes

  Omgeo OASYS 7.0: Get the most out of OASYS 7.0 for Separately Managed Accounts
Learn how to use new functionality in Omgeo OASYS 7.0 to support Separately Managed Accounts.
12 minutes

Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch
  What Constitutes Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch
Learn which different products form the Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch service and understand the role of each.
11 minutes
  Why Use Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch
Learn about the benefits of using Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch and which types of clients are best suited to implementing this solution.
6 minutes
  User Interface Demonstration
See how our mutual clients use the Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch service to manage their matching exceptions.
10 minutes
  Omgeo TradeSuite ID Web Confirm/Affirm Tutorial
See how investment managers use Confirm/Affirm to process confirms, view trades, and print reports.
17 minutes
  Omgeo TradeSuite ID Web NearMatch Tutorial
Learn how to pair unmatched trades, troubleshoot exceptions, and manage profiles.
16 minutes