A Unique View on T+2 From Within the Industry

In the wake of the successful initial implementation of T+2 we conducted research with our global client base to understand their views on the European T+2 settlement cycles and their thoughts on what the future may hold.

583 people participated in our T+2 Survey, from the 5th to 19th February 2015, facilitating the reliable set of results that follow in this report providing an impartial perspective on T+2 from within the industry.
We hope you find the report interesting.
InfographicVideoFull Report
A quick view on the key findings 
of the T+2 survey.
summary video of the survey results. Get an overview in just two minutes!
full report about the T+2 survey results, gathering all the responses.

Omgeo solutions supporting T+2 settlement cycles:
  • Omgeo Central Trade Manager (Omgeo CTM)
    Our strategic platform for the central matching of cross-border and domestic transactions automating the trade confirmation process across multiple asset classes.
  • Omgeo ALERT 
    The industry’s largest and most compliant online global database for the maintenance and communication of account and standing settlement instructions (SSI).

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