Omgeo TradeSuite ID

TradeSuite ID is a 10b-10-compliant solution which automates messaging and settlement for equity and fixed income securities. It provides seamless connectivity from execution to settlement on domestic and cross-border trades of U.S. securities.

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Fixed Income, Equities, Repurchase Agreements
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  • Streamline your post trade process by electronically processing trade messages between all trading and settlement counterparties.
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating errors and delays associated with phone and fax.
  • Integrate front and back office trade communications through flexible message translation services and automation of notices of execution and allocations.
  • Integrate with Omgeo ALERT for standing settlement and account instructions, minimizing input and eliminating the risk of failed trades due to missing or inaccurate information.
  • Integrate with Omgeo OASYS-TradeMatch to centralize matching and automate and accelerate the trade affirmation process.
  • Implementation options allow flexibility in the method of system access. Choose from Direct, Import/Export, or Partner Interface.

Optional TradeSuite ID Services

  • Confirm Archive Service
    Eliminate the administrative burdens with confirmation archiving by deferring archive management to Omgeo for access to ten years of on-demand confirms. For further details, please view the Confirm Archive Fact Sheet.
  • Omgeo inSITE
    Omgeo inSITE, our confirm disclosure service, is an Omgeo-built, web-based central repository that stores confirmation disclosures. The ability to view confirmation electronically eliminates the need for paper confirm disclosures and saves the industry costs associated with printing, mailing and storing paper disclosures.
For additional information, please refer to the Omgeo inSITE Fact Sheet.
  • QC Online
    This complimentary service provides online access to TradeSuite ID Quality Control (QC) reports to assist users in benchmarking performance against the industry, increasing overall efficiency, and accessing previous reports.
Access the QC Online Enrollment Form. If you are not already logged into ServiceCentral, you will be prompted to enter your login information. 
  • QC Plus
    Take your Quality Control (QC) report data to the next level with TradeSuite ID QC Plus.  Users can download and manipulate QC report data to meet their needs. For additional information, please refer to the TradeSuite ID QC Plus FAQ.
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