Commitment to highly reliable and available solutions
Omgeo is committed to providing highly reliable and available solutions. We support this commitment through a comprehensive Business Continuity Program that enables Omgeo to respond to and recover from a business disruption. Our mission is to resume normal business and client support operations with minimal service impact on our clients, in the shortest time possible.

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Spacer Business Continuity Strategy
Our strategy combines leveraging our global presence in worldwide locations and managing multiple production facilities to support client needs. Our geographic diversity is a key advantage in our ability to minimize business disruptions that could impact one of our business locations or production facilities.

A disruption at any one of our worldwide locations or production facilities would immediately activate our crisis management process to ensure that services are resumed as quickly as possible. All Omgeo functions have documented continuity plans to guide them in executing the steps necessary to minimize the impact of a disruption. Regular testing ensures our staff is prepared to execute these plans efficiently.

Omgeo Services
Our primary production facilities are backed up by multiple alternate production facilities which include out of region capabilities. Our out of region data center serves as an alternate production facility in the event of a wide scale disruption which disables our dual primary production facilities, as described in the Interagency Paper on Sound Practices. Procedures to transfer operations from primary to alternate production facilities are tested regularly to ensure our staff is trained, our facilities are up-to-date and to minimize downtime.

Program Framework, Structure and Tools

Omgeo’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program includes:
  • Crisis management structure and process to enable immediate response to a disruption at any one of Omgeo’s office buildings or production facilities, such as a power failure or loss of telecommunications.
  • Business continuity plans outline the procedures to be implemented in order to resume critical business activities, including client service and support.
  • Technical continuity plans detail the procedures to be implemented to successfully transition Omgeo services from the primary production facility to the designated alternate production facility, including out of region as appropriate.
In addition, the Omgeo Associate Message Center is available to all associates, providing a recorded voice message with the current status of an emergency and instructions. Associates may call the message center at any time to listen to the current status of any Omgeo office.

The Americas, Asia and EMEA regions each have an assigned Crisis Management Teams (CMT). Upon experiencing a disruption, the CMT for the region will convene immediately to assess impact, make decisions and coordinate resources.

All functions and regions have a documented business continuity plan meeting program requirements that is tested and updated at least twice annually.

BC Tools and Capability

Omgeo uses an industry tested business continuity planning and content management tool that allows for increased efficiency in incident management. In addition to 24x7 remote access and robust reporting capabilities, the tool supports increased associate engagement through the automation of tasks and escalation procedures.

Omgeo uses an emergency notification system that offers a combination of voice and text messaging to notify associates of a disruption. Key information is delivered via several communication devices, including email, cell phone, work phone and home phone.